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Welcome to Banui Graphics, where you can find pre-made icons and the occasional wallpaper or other graphic-related project (someday, I think). I can't make layouts. I have no time. I wish I could, and did, but alas. Maybe in a year or two, because that would make me really happy. Random information: I'm a student with a passion for writing, music, art, and filmmaking, and I create graphics a) because it's better than doing maths, b) because it's fun, and c) because seeing people I don't know with an icon I do warms the proverbial cockles of my heart, even if I have no idea what a cockle is. That's all you need to know about me; if you're curious, visit my personal LiveJournal, faeriemaiden. (Beware: madness, disorder, and semicolons.)

1. I can't take requests, as I have No Time Whatsoever. Somehow, I manage to commandeer the computer long enough to make the icons I do, but I can't plan on anything. If I took requests, the frequency in which the requests actually appeared would be devastatingly disappointing. As in: the requesters would be grey-haired and stooped by the time they actually got what they wanted. I do take occasional suggestions, though. Suggestions are very nice.

2. CREDIT. COMMENT. DO NOT HOTLINK. These rules are cardinal. If they are neglected, you shan't have much longer to live. I have a mercenary. His name is Tevvie. He is large, furry, and fanged. He also looks kind of like a cross between Aragorn and a mountain lion, but that's another story altogether. He has very little to do all day and will chew you up for entertainment. Figuratively. I think.

5. Feel free to use my icons anywhere you please. Yes, that includes internet forums and any other place that allows 100x100 icons. Just don't claim them as your own or Tevvie will hunt you down and eat you.

4. Some of the images I use on my icons come from my art site. These are not rips. The pictures belong to me, and I can do whatever I jolly well please with them. So if you have seen the images on some of my icons at deviantART, don't worry. I am not taking anything without permission. It's all mine. Savvy?

*bright smile* Thank you, and enjoy.

I've made a few button thingummys with which to advertise my graphics journal, in case anyone ever needs to. Therefore, if for whatever reason you want to advertise my journal anywhere (I'd be thrilled if you did!), put the link through one of these buttons. Just upload them to your own server (photobucket.com is a good one) so that my icons don't all disappear because of bandwidth overuse. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you? (The answer is: No. You wouldn't. You really wouldn't.)


If you would like to become an affiliate, comment on any recent post, and I'll be totally and completely thrilled that someone knows I exist happy to accommodate you.